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AX Micro Solutions is know for providing parts and service for people to repair their broken iPhone, Blackberry and Smartphone units. We are most know for being the first to provide many parts and also for the FREE how to instructional videos we have on YouTube that show people step by step on how to install the parts we sell. We also provide a quality repair service for many the iPhone, Blackberry and many other units.

Company History

AX Micro Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation.

AX Micro Solutions was started in 1998 as a little known webpage called PowerToThePalm.com. On that site we started off by showing people what the inside of the latest model Palm units looked like. Later that year we began showing people how to take their unit apart and also selling a small variety of parts for different Palm & PDA units one person at a time.

In October 1999 we had a teaser note on the front page of the PowerToThePalm.com site that said, Coming soon we will have a screen repair for broken Palm units. This sparked a great deal of interest in the webpage and on February 14, 2000 the PowerToThePalm.com webpage became known as GetHighTech.com and GetHighTech, Inc. was born.

GetHighTech, Inc. was the first aftermarket company to offer screen repairs and parts for Palm and other brand PDA units. The webpage began with just a single part on the site. That part was a screen used to repair the Palm III, IIIe, IIIx & IIIxe units that happened to be the top models at the time.

Since our opening, we have increased the product line to over 1000+ items for a large variety of PDA, Smartphone and iPod units. In addition, we have added accessories and other hard to find parts to the webpage. In 2002 we added the URL of PDAparts.com. We considered this name to be more in line with what we do and the future of our business.

We changed our corporate name in Jan. 2005 to AX Micro Solutions, Inc. and our webpage name to DirectFix.com in 2009 to evolve with the new broader business that we now handle. We plan to keep serving and helping the PDA community and also expand our line as the market does. We are also working on expanding our line of iPhone, Smartphone & iPOD parts & Accessories. This is just another example of new products that are evolving from the line of PDA units.

What Makes Us Unique

AX Micro Solution's webpage www.directfix.com was the first webpage to offer Used Palm & PDA Parts. We established excellent relationships with individuals and suppliers that provide us with a great supply of new parts & accessories. AX Micro Solutions was the first company to offer a 3rd party repair solution for broken pda screens. We are also the only company to offer free online repair directions and videos without you having to purchase anything from us on our webpage www.directfix.com.

Corporate Headquarters

AX Micro Solutions
16600 Monterey Rd, #354
Morgan Hill, CA 95038
Phone: 408-852-9595
Fax: 408-778-4577
(Mon thru Fri: 9am - 4pm PST)


P: 1-408-852-9595
F: 1-408-778-4577
Mon - Fri 9am-4pm PST
Corporate Headquarters:

AX Micro Solutions, Inc.
16600 Monterey Rd, #354
Morgan Hill, CA 95038 USA
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