August 2012
InfiniteVac.com Vacuum Pump Repair
After months of work with Miva Merchant InfiniteVac
launches and provides Vacuum pump service & sales.
InfiniteVac will specialize in Turbo pumps, dry pumps,
and wet vacuum pump repair and service.
Take a look at the new site InfiniteVac.com.

April 2012
DirectFix Owner Buys BlueDotTrading.com
April 2012 DirectFix owner Robert Stanley purchases
a stake in the import company BlueDot Trading, LLC.
BDT is an importer of various goods which include
LED Tealights, Shade Sails, headlamps,
Whiskey Stones and more. These items are available
directly via their webpage or amazon.

August 2011
DirectFix.com Webpage Goes Live
On August 2011 DirectFix after 5 months of work
with Miva Merchant launches a new webpage created
from the ground up to reflect the change in
direction the iPhone repair business has
gone. The new site will allow people to
find the parts they need for repair quickly.

May 2009
iPhone Butterfingers Get New
Life for Broken iPhone

DirectFix.com, the leader in You Fix It replacement
parts, accessories and videos announced it sold
over 10,000 iPhone and iPhone 3G screens & touch
panels, generating over 3 million unique visitors
to its replacement screen video tutorials on
directfix.com DirectFix.com
For all your iPhone
Broken Screen Repair

For all Your iPhone Parts, Accessory and Service
Needs. DirectFix.com formerly PDAparts.com,
was the first company to offer a broken
screen repair service for iPhone units.

ceRecycle.com ceRecycle.com
Recycle Broken
iPhone's Cell
Phone's & iPods.

A place to recycle your working or broken iPhone, Blackberry or Cell Phone for Cash or to just keep
it out of the landfill.

DirectFix.com Youtube Channel DirectFix Youtube Channel
Repair Videos
Video Directions &
Part Reviews.

Youtube Channel
For all your video directions and review needs.
With over 30 Million views and hundereds of video
DirectFix Youtube Channel is the place to look for help
repairing your iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

The Company: "AX Micro Solutions"
We sell quality iPhone Screens, iPhone Parts and
offer an iPhone Repair Service. We also provide a
quality repair service for many iPod's, Blackberry's
and Android based phones at competitive prices.

History of AX Micro Solutions
AX Micro Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation.

AX Micro Solutions was started in 1998 as a
little known webpage called PowerToThePalm.com.
On that site we started off by showing people
what the inside of the latest model Palm units
looked like. Later that year we began showing
people how to take their unit apart and also
selling a small variety of parts for different
Palm & PDA units one person at a time.

In October 1999 we had a teaser note on the
front page of the PowerToThePalm.com site that
said “Coming soon we will have a screen repair
for broken Palm units”. This sparked a great
deal of interest in the webpage and on February
14, 2000 the PowerToThePalm.com webpage became
known as GetHighTech.com and GetHighTech, Inc.
was born.

GetHighTech, Inc. was the first aftermarket company to offer screen repairs and parts for Palm and other brand PDA units. The webpage began with just a single part on the site. That part was a screen used to repair the Palm III, IIIe, IIIx & IIIxe units that happened to be the top models at the time...

To find out how we went from the name Gethightech.com to PDAparts and then to DirectFix.com click the link below for the full story.