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Company History

AX Micro Solutions is know for providing parts and service for people to repair their broken iPhone, iPad and Smartphone units. We are most know for being the first to provide screen replacements for many devices and also for the FREE how to instructional videos we have on YouTube. With over 250+ videos and 50M+ videos views you can see why we are the leader in DIY repairs....
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DirectFix on Youtube Channel - For all your video directions and review needs. With over 50+ Million views and hundereds of video DirectFix Youtube Channel is the place to look for help repairing your iPhone, iPad, Android and more.
DirectFix Youtube Channel
What Makes Us Unique

AX Micro Solution's webpage www.directfix.com was the first webpage to offer Used Palm & PDA Parts back in the early 2000's. We established excellent relationships with individuals and suppliers that provide us with a great supply of new replacement parts. AX Micro Solutions was the first company to offer a 3rd party repair solution for broken pda screen and then again for iphones. We were also the first company to offer free online repair directions and videos without you having to purchase anything from us on our webpage.
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